Great Leaders Don’t Hog Leadership

Posted on January 9, 2013


hogPigI was a part of a team with a non-profit organization which was a led by a leader who possessed incredible oratory skills. He could command groups of five people or 5,000. He was a visionary. He had creative ideas, bold plans and immense marketing strategies. However, the organization never grew. Why? The inner circle of leadership was a revolving door of qualified leaders who gave up because they were never given the opportunity to share in the leadership.  The charismatic leader would not permit his leadership team to lead. He had to be in charge—everywhere.

Contrary to his projected image, he didn’t want to be surrounded by capable leaders; He wanted puppets to do his bidding. He couldn’t accept the ideas of others. He couldn’t fall in line with the decisions of the team. If he was outvoted, he would use the veto power of his position. The result was the organization achieved a level of success, yet never neared its capabilities. It was stymied by the lack of input from a team of leaders.

I, and others who were part of the rotating team, have lamented the loss of impact this organization could have had if the leader had been willing to focus on his strengths and allowed others to lead from theirs. Great leaders don’t hog leadership.

Great leaders know their limitations. Great leaders see the God-given and developed talents of others. Great leaders know when to take their place in the backseat. Great leaders develop successors. Great leaders allow others to lead.


Join me each day this week as we continue with Great Leaders L – E – A – R – N

 L:  LISTEN – Great leaders LISTEN to the opinions of others.

E:  ENGAGE – Great leaders ENGAGE in learning

A:  ALLOW  – Great leaders ALLOW others to lead



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