The Company That Solved Health Care

Posted on July 11, 2013


CompanySolvedWhen your company’s wellness program rations Viagra then you know there is an extensive wellness initiative in place. So it is at Serigraph, a Wisconsin-based company with 1,500 employees in Wisconsin, Mexico, China and India.

Following a presentation I gave on Employee Wellness, one of the participants came to me and recommended I read John Torinus Jr.’s The Company That Solved Health Care. What a great recommendation. Thanks Batya!

Torinus served 20 years as CEO of Serigraph, and now serves as its active Chairman. With compelling detail, he shares how he involved their employees in their own health, enabling them to be effective consumers. It’s healthcare consumerism in overdrive. Five years into the reform, Serigraph spends one-third less than the national average to insure its workers.

“Don’t Worry about the Bill, It’s Covered Under Insurance”

Serigraph’s approach is the antitheses to the common response of the typical employee covered under their employer’s medical plan, “Don’t worry about the bill, it’s covered by insurance.” “Incentives” don’t quite describe Serigraph’s efforts at engaging employees in wellness. Rather, (This post has been moved to Read More)