2013’s Top 5 Posts in Jack-In-The-Team Box

Posted on January 2, 2014


Based on the number of “hits” to the Jack-in-the-Team Box blog, the following were the Top Five posts in 2013:

  1. Who Qualifies to be Your Corporate Wellness Champion? This post was published in May and later moved to my new Raving Wellness blog.
  2. Three Powerful Reasons to Include Physical Exercise on Your Resume. Published in August of 2012, this post continues to show up in internet searches for job hunters. This post has also been moved to my Raving Wellness blog.
  3. A Parting Gift for a Summer Intern. After saying goodbye in August to an intern at our office, I wrote this post about what I did for him to express our gratitude for his service over the summer.
  4. How the Mighty Fall: My Top 10 Quotes. In January I shared some of my favorite quotes from Jim Collins’ How the Might Fall. This post regularly appears in internet searches.
  5. Four, Possibly Five, Stages of Embracing Diversity. One of my oldest post, (2010).
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