About Jack

Jack W. Bruce, Jr., is the VP of Strategic Operations at The Benefit Company. Prior to joining TBC.,  Jack served as Director of Marketing for Apollo Healthcare and as the Chief Operating Officer at BIS Benefits. These roles in employee benefits followed nearly 20 years in pastoral ministry with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Jack has earned the SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) and Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certifications. He also holds a Georgia Life and Health License and is a Certified Self-Funding Professional.

Jack In The Team Box Blog. The blog is a reflection of Jack’s interest in building teams and creating successful organizations. In both his ministerial and business experiences, working in—and leading—teams has been a central component of his work. The posts found here mirror a journey of learning about teams, how to lead them and care for them.

Team building requires leadership—skilled leadership—that recognizes the value of the humanity in Human Resources. Therefore, readers will find posts on talent acquisition, employee engagement, employee productivity and loving those who help us attain our business goals.

In addition, Jack’s experience as a COO working in an employee benefits firm, coupled with his interest in Human Resources, has given him the unique understanding of the role Wellness plays in mobilizing employees and increasing employee productivity and corporate profit. Jack’s natural bent toward Organization and Systems ushers in an underpinning of execution which helps the reader discern how to apply the ideas on leadership, team building and wellness found in the blog.

RavingWellness.com. As Jack began to see many of his blog posts reflect his passion for Employee Wellness, he began a new blog devoted to Wellness and Consumer Driven Healthcare.


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*The views expressed by Jack in this blog are not necessarily the views of his employer.

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