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The Best Improvement to Your Employee Benefit Package May Not Cost You Anything

February 28, 2013


Sometimes the best way HR Directors and small business owners can improve their Employee Benefits offering is to better communicate what is already provided. Often it is the employees who do not take the time to listen to, or read, the information we provide for them. At times, however, we in HR are at fault […]

Yes, There ARE Employer Wellness Initiatives that Bring Immediate Results

September 20, 2012


Most of us who are actively engaged in Employee Wellness will affirm the best initiatives call for patient commitment. Outcome Based employee wellness plans offer long term and maximum results, but the gratification is often delayed. However, I was recently introduced to a simple initiative that can bring immediate results.  Better yet, not only can […]

Why Employers Are Now Addressing Stress in the Workplace

August 7, 2012


Speaking to a group of employee benefit brokers from around Atlanta, Ron Bachman shared revealing statistics about the role of stress in the workplace including how 21.5% of all healthcare costs are stress-related. His emphasis on how stress dramatically clogs productivity was driven home later that same day as we learned Don Perry, Vice President […]

Employee Wellness: What are Outcome-based Incentives?

July 24, 2012


Outcome-based Incentives are the new buzz words in Employee Wellness. As employers look to employee wellness plans to minimize the rising cost of healthcare and keep employees productive and engaged, there is a growing emphasis on outcome-based incentives. Furthermore, with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) encouraging the use of Outcome-based Incentives, their […]

GINA: Oh, Be Careful Little HR Ears What You Hear

July 19, 2012


With the growing understanding of the relationship between employee wellness and the employer’s healthcare cost, many employers are now taking proactive steps to control the cost of healthcare. More than at any time in history, employers are aware of how sick employees contribute to the costs of providing medical insurance for their employees. Proactive employers […]

Do Your Employee Rewards Efforts Overlook the Employees Who Sustain Your Success?

July 10, 2012


Kill the fatted calf! Larry just landed the Murphy Account! Ring the bell! Mary Lou brought us the new accountant to take the place of Bob. When it comes to rewards and recognition it is often those who accomplish the spectacular who are the recipients of the most lavish expression of praise. Like sports team, […]

Happening NOW in Atlanta: A Shifting of the Workforce

July 3, 2012


They said it in 2008. They said it again in 2009 and 2010. Now, it IS happening…in Atlanta. In various gatherings of Human Resources professionals I heard the warning forecasting how employers will pay dearly after the recession if they fail to adequately take care of their employees during it.  It was a warning that […]