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Can’t Get Your Employees to Embrace a New Benefit?

July 13, 2017


Have you ever wondered how to encourage employees to use a great benefit you are providing for them? Are you concerned that you may be wasting money on an employee benefit because it is under utilized? In One Thing Matters Most in Securing Employees’ Embrace of New Benefits I share the most important element in […]

Six Compelling Reasons Why Fighting Human Trafficking Is a Fit for Atlanta Businesses

February 22, 2016


It’s a valid question and a question being asked by business professionals throughout Atlanta. “Is fighting human trafficking a fit for business?” Before answering this question, pause to consider the issue. In its most sanitized description, it is Human Trafficking, (trafficking). All of the things that make Atlanta great also make us a prime target […]

Someone Was Thinking About Me!

June 21, 2014


When it comes to showing concern for employees, the perception may be more important than the demonstration. We all like stuff. We like new things. We desire improvement in our environment. Being the recipient of new toys and tools will often give us renewed energy, especially if we have a positive perception of why the […]

What A Plane Crash Can Teach Us About Communication

May 9, 2010


Is your organization prevented from moving forward because of a lack of communication? The cold January crash in 1982 of the Air Florida plane outside of Washington, D.C. provides a poignant illustration of how the errors of teamwork and communication can have devastating results. On takeoff, the 737 came down directly on top of the 14th […]