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Warning! Don’t Let Your Employees Read “Love Works.”

October 24, 2012


I’m sounding the alarm. Please heed this advice. Attention! Attention all CEOs, Human Resource Professionals, and Small Business Owners! Do Not! I repeat, do not allow your employees to read Joel Manby’s Love Works. If you have ever had the experience of riding in someone else’s car and suddenly found your own unappealing, then you […]

Stone Mountain Park: A Lesson in Transforming Corporate Culture

October 18, 2012


When the maintenance team goes out of its way to treat you with respect, you know the organization has something special taking place. This truth was vividly illustrated for me recently while out on a run. I don’t usually run on rainy days, but because I was training for an upcoming marathon I faced the […]

Yes, There ARE Employer Wellness Initiatives that Bring Immediate Results

September 20, 2012


Most of us who are actively engaged in Employee Wellness will affirm the best initiatives call for patient commitment. Outcome Based employee wellness plans offer long term and maximum results, but the gratification is often delayed. However, I was recently introduced to a simple initiative that can bring immediate results.  Better yet, not only can […]

7 Things Every Newly Hired Employee Must Do

August 28, 2012


In anticipation of my daughter’s first day on a new job I wanted to give her something memorable. So instead of going to the local Hallmark, I logged onto and purchased a used copy of Michael Watkins’s The First 90 Days—a book about Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at all Levels. Inside the […]

Coca-Cola Has Just Made the Greatest Marketing Decision Ever Recorded

August 21, 2012


There are a lot reasons why I am a fan of Coca-Cola. However, I have one more reason today and it trumps all the others. I can’t remember ever not loving a Coke. Some of my fondest childhood memories included a Coca-Cola, as it is formally known. Perhaps the greatest of these was sitting on […]

Three Powerful Reasons to Include Physical Exercise on Your Resume

August 13, 2012


If you are a runner, swimmer, cyclist or engaged in any regular form of physical exercise, should you include it on your resume? It has long been debated if hobbies should be included on resumes. There is support for including hobbies. A hobby may help the applicant connect with the hiring manager, project a well-rounded […]

Why Employers Are Now Addressing Stress in the Workplace

August 7, 2012


Speaking to a group of employee benefit brokers from around Atlanta, Ron Bachman shared revealing statistics about the role of stress in the workplace including how 21.5% of all healthcare costs are stress-related. His emphasis on how stress dramatically clogs productivity was driven home later that same day as we learned Don Perry, Vice President […]