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Why Leaders Give the Gift of Discomfort

August 29, 2013


I’ve known a lot of people in leadership positions who made their employees uncomfortable. All of us could share multiple examples of how a manager or supervisor went well beyond discomfort and propelled us into misery. However, did you know that making an employee uncomfortable can be an act of genuine concern and wellbeing for […]

How the Mighty Fall: My Top 10 Quotes

January 31, 2013


I recently finished Jim Collin’s How the Mighty Fall and found it, true to form, a book full of insight for business and organizational leaders. In this book, Collins shares the five stages of decline an organization may pass through on its way to oblivion. While detailing these stages, he seeks to provide answers to […]

Warning! Don’t Let Your Employees Read “Love Works.”

October 24, 2012


I’m sounding the alarm. Please heed this advice. Attention! Attention all CEOs, Human Resource Professionals, and Small Business Owners! Do Not! I repeat, do not allow your employees to read Joel Manby’s Love Works. If you have ever had the experience of riding in someone else’s car and suddenly found your own unappealing, then you […]

Dwight Schrute Has Joined Our Team

May 19, 2010


I knew if I purchased the Dwight Schrute bobble head doll I would eventually find good use for it. It was pre-Christmas and online sales had an in-your-face presence. I saw the bobble head for 50% off and knew and I had to get one. I did, but what would I do with it? Many […]