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What Can You Do for a Terminally Ill Employee?

October 6, 2013


What do you do for a terminally ill employee? This is what I wrestled with as cancer took its ugly hold on one of our employees. What could I do for Christine? How could I encourage her? What could I offer her in this season of pending death? Sure, there were trips to the hospital […]

Why Leaders Give the Gift of Discomfort

August 29, 2013


I’ve known a lot of people in leadership positions who made their employees uncomfortable. All of us could share multiple examples of how a manager or supervisor went well beyond discomfort and propelled us into misery. However, did you know that making an employee uncomfortable can be an act of genuine concern and wellbeing for […]

Employee Appreciation is Not an Event

July 30, 2013


Another Administrative Professionals’ Day has come and gone with astonishing success. She was treated to a delightful lunch at Olive Garden. Fresh salad, warm bread sticks, iced tea, pleasant small talk and her favorite Italian dish was on the menu—Chicken Parmigiana. Thought not one to normally eat dessert at lunch, the tiramisu was the darling […]

Great Leaders Navigate by Facilitating the Ideas of Others

January 11, 2013


Recently, I was in a meeting with a team from SHRM-Atlanta. We were planning sessions for the coming year and brainstorming on how to improve one of our offerings. With some hesitation, I made a suggestion that was outside of the box. The group was silent for a brief moment and then Mary Lynn, the […]

Delegating Recognition is Not Effective Leadership

January 10, 2013


In this five-part series on Great Leaders L – E – A – R – N we come to today’s word: REWARD. Two days ago, when we looked at ENGAGE, I ended the post with this: Great leaders engage in learning and they are not too proud to acknowledge anyone to be their teacher. Today, […]

Do Your Employee Rewards Efforts Overlook the Employees Who Sustain Your Success?

July 10, 2012


Kill the fatted calf! Larry just landed the Murphy Account! Ring the bell! Mary Lou brought us the new accountant to take the place of Bob. When it comes to rewards and recognition it is often those who accomplish the spectacular who are the recipients of the most lavish expression of praise. Like sports team, […]