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Knowing When to Say NO to Growth

February 5, 2013


Like the sixth grade boy who is shorter than all of the girls in his class, we in leadership earnestly crave growth. The small business owner wants to grow his client base. The entrepreneur wants to grow her employee count. The Executive Director of the association wants to grow their membership. The Pastor wants to […]

How the Mighty Fall: My Top 10 Quotes

January 31, 2013


I recently finished Jim Collin’s How the Mighty Fall and found it, true to form, a book full of insight for business and organizational leaders. In this book, Collins shares the five stages of decline an organization may pass through on its way to oblivion. While detailing these stages, he seeks to provide answers to […]

Great Leaders Navigate by Facilitating the Ideas of Others

January 11, 2013


Recently, I was in a meeting with a team from SHRM-Atlanta. We were planning sessions for the coming year and brainstorming on how to improve one of our offerings. With some hesitation, I made a suggestion that was outside of the box. The group was silent for a brief moment and then Mary Lynn, the […]

I Told Him to Aim His Bullets Toward the Hospitals

August 15, 2012


It must have made an impression. Three times within a week of reading it I made reference to it.  The “it” was an analogy from Jim Collins on the wisdom of firing bullets first before firing cannonballs. The most notable was when a new acquaintance asked if he could stop by my office and get […]