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From Atlanta to Cathy, “Thank You!”

December 3, 2013


Atlanta employers are indebted to Cathy Missildine. For the past year Cathy has served as the President of the 2,500 member SHRM-Atlanta—one of the largest city chapters of the Society of Human Resource Management. The role of President of SHRM-Atlanta is a volunteer position. But it’s not one of those roles where you simply enjoy […]

Great Leaders Navigate by Facilitating the Ideas of Others

January 11, 2013


Recently, I was in a meeting with a team from SHRM-Atlanta. We were planning sessions for the coming year and brainstorming on how to improve one of our offerings. With some hesitation, I made a suggestion that was outside of the box. The group was silent for a brief moment and then Mary Lynn, the […]

Delegating Recognition is Not Effective Leadership

January 10, 2013


In this five-part series on Great Leaders L – E – A – R – N we come to today’s word: REWARD. Two days ago, when we looked at ENGAGE, I ended the post with this: Great leaders engage in learning and they are not too proud to acknowledge anyone to be their teacher. Today, […]

Great Leaders Don’t Hog Leadership

January 9, 2013


I was a part of a team with a non-profit organization which was a led by a leader who possessed incredible oratory skills. He could command groups of five people or 5,000. He was a visionary. He had creative ideas, bold plans and immense marketing strategies. However, the organization never grew. Why? The inner circle […]

The Humble Posture of Learning

January 8, 2013


As I write, the news is reporting Lance Armstrong is contemplating admitting using performance-enhancing drugs. Whether or not Armstrong admits failure, and regardless of why he may finally confess to his wrong, many will welcome the admission of guilt. Owning up to our failures, mistakes and gross lies can be freeing. It can also be […]

Now That’s an Idea

January 7, 2013


What separate Great Leaders from Average Leaders? For the next five days I will share one trait that answers this question. To facilitate the five lessons we will discover… Great Leaders L – E – A – R – N  L:  LISTEN – Great leaders LISTEN to the opinions of others. E: A: R:   N: When […]

One Meaningful Way to Show Your Employees You Care

December 6, 2012


Sitting in the classroom that evening with about 15 other HR professionals, I would not have thought I would hear two stories within the next 36 hours that would so vividly reinforce the training I was receiving—but I did. The speaker was Allan Kennedy, the Senior Project Manager for Employee Engagement with AT&T. His topic […]